What is Mercedes' DAS System?

  Although it is not noticed much in daily use, the front wheels of the vehicles are placed at an angle called the toe. When we sit at the wheel and look ahead, the ends of the front wheels point slightly outwards to our left and right. The reason this is done is because when the vehicle takes a corner, the wheels automatically compensate for this angle and are in the same plane as the rear wheels. If this angle were given to the other side, the front wheels would turn more inward than the rear wheels at cornering times, and the vehicle's handling characteristics would decrease. Changing these angles in daily traffic is not important since high speeds are not reached, and the structure of the tires is designed in accordance with this angle. But in races like Formula 1, speed starts to play a crucial role. Being fast means winning the race. Mercedes engineers have developed a system called DAS that allows toe angles to be intervened from the steering wheel. When the driver